What to consider when choosing an anti-theft gate to the store

Clothes are one of those goods that without protection—most often fall prey to thieves. T-shirts, blouses or pants, put on each other in the changing room, can be covered with your own clothes and leave without attracting anyone’s attention. They are easy to fold and put into a purse or backpack, and accessories or add-ons can be put in a pocket. That is why it is so important to properly label the goods with the most effective anti-theft security measures possible. A common choice of clothing boutique owners is labels or clips that respond to radio or magnetic waves sent through gates.

Anti-theft clips – effective security without damaging the goods

In the case of clothing, the most important thing is to attach the clip so as not to damage the material. Blouses with holes in the fabric can effectively discourage customers from buying again. That is why it is so important that the security clip for clothes is not too heavy. High-quality plastic and small metal elements work well with most clothes – including delicate ones. However, it is worth remembering that the anti-theft clips should be put in the thickest possible place – for example on the seams.

Clips or labels – how to most effectively protect clothing against theft?

Magnetic stickers for clothes stuck in an unobvious place are a good way to protect clothes, but a little cleverness on the part of a thief is enough and may not be enough. One-time use of sticky labels also means that not every store wants to invest in security in this way. The undoubted advantages of anti-theft clips are that they can be put on again after being removed by the cashier.

Also, the fact that it is not possible to remove the device without damaging the goods means that thieves are less likely to steal clothes secured in this way. Thanks to modern production technology, the clips can have different shapes, which makes it easier to put on discreetly without interfering with the aesthetics of the goods. The anti-theft clips manufactured by Optiguard work with gates that use radio, magnetic or acoustic waves.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of security measures for clothing and accessories for Optiguard gates.