Video monitoring systems

Video surveillance systems (CCTV) are becoming the main tool for improving security. The multitude of technological solutions allows you to choose the right equipment for uninterrupted image recording regardless of the place, weather conditions or light intensity. An additional advantage of video monitoring systems is remote access from external IT networks to the monitoring system in order to play back recordings, view images in real time or take control of selected cameras.

High-class CCTV video monitoring

Optiguard offers products and assembly that allows the integration of the CCTV video monitoring system with other security support systems such as: EAS, Intrusion Detection Systems, KD and others. Developed image analytics capabilities increase the efficiency of vision systems depending on the user’s expectations, ranging from analysis of threat detection and unusual behavior to building statistics on the flow of people and traffic in commercial facilities. 

Examples of functions used by users:

The above functionalities can be obtained by using appropriate products from renowned manufacturers in the projects, which we are able to integrate into one security system. We control each project from the stage of testing the needs to the installation of systems according to the assumptions accepted by the client.

Optiguard uses selected solutions from renowned manufacturers such as: Samsung, Bosch, HikVision, Ganz, BCS, Dahua. Thus, if you need a reliable CCTV video monitoring system, we invite you to see what we can do for you and your location. We provide the highest quality products, efficient assembly and professional advice.