Video Monitoring Systems – Basic Protection for Your Business

Even the simplest CCTV video monitoring allows you to increase the degree of protection in industrial, commercial, or office buildings. The image from cameras sent to one position allows employees to track what is happening in strategic places of the facility. However, with the development of not only technology but also techniques used by thieves and burglars, image quality and additional functions of the entire system play an increasingly important role in maintaining the safety of people and property.

Additional amenities that will facilitate control

The quality of the cameras and their capabilities are extremely important, but the entire system must meet the challenges set by the user. Currently, video surveillance should offer much more than just image transmission. At Optiguard, we carry out orders for the design and integration with popular security systems – EAS, IDS, KD, and others—using solutions that allow you to control selected cameras, read registration, and or signal an intruder crossing an invisible barrier. In addition, you can use the function of detecting unusual behavior or control the appearance and disappearance of objects in a fixed sphere.

Integration with customer counter

CCTV cameras offer many possibilities for the use of the entire installation. In addition to image checking, they can also be integrated with advanced customer counting systems. This combination of functionality is often used in shops, shopping malls, and boutiques. Thus, there is no need to invest in infrastructure modernization, because at Optiguard we know how to use the existing solutions in the facility in the most effective way.

Parameter security, counter, and many more solutions with an advanced monitoring system

The modernization of the CCTV system is a necessary element of maintaining the appropriate level of security in the facility. The possibility of integrating new solutions with the systems used so far allows reducing the costs of the entire investment. If you care about professional support and monitoring systems based on the best analytical possibilities, check out our offer.