Store entry counter – why it is worth having one?

Do you want to find out how many people visit your store every day? In order to obtain precise data on this subject, it is enough to install an entry counter to the store . Here are the most important advantages of this type of device!

Primary advantage

The counter of entries to the store will provide you with information on how many people on average visit the point each day, as well as when the weekly traffic is the highest and at what times most people decide to make purchases. The data from the meters are numerical and the accuracy of the results reaches the level of 97%, which makes them much easier to analyze than recordings from CCTV monitoring . For this reason, these solutions should be treated as complementary to each
other. The information that we gain thanks to the counters of entries also allows us to effectively manage the workforce and decide how many people should be assigned to a specific shift in the store. For example: in the case of a shoe store, it may turn out that, despite a small number of receipts issued, the number of customers in the store between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. is higher than in the morning hours, and thus, should be three employees in the afternoon shifts, not two employees.
Analysis of promotional campaigns The effectiveness of specific marketing activities can be difficult to verify, especially when they are conducted online (e.g. in the form of Google Ads campaigns) and the business is focused around a stationary point. Thanks to the counter of entries to the store, you will find out whether the ad’s display actually caused more people to visit the store, or whether the months of promotional activities did not bring the expected results.

A chance to increase your conversion

The data from the meters will not only allow you to see how many people enter and leave the premises. You just need to compare them with your sales figures to see how many potential sales opportunities are lost. Some people only come to look at the goods, while others do not find the things they are looking for – this is completely normal. However, if you find that sales are disproportionately low in relation to the number of visitors, it is worth investigating the source of the problem. They can be, for example, excessively high prices. The human factor, i.e. employees who do not live up to the task when serving customers, can also fail.

Additional Features

The store entrance counters also have additional functions that guarantee even greater benefits. An interesting solution is the height measurement, which allows to distinguish adult customers from children, which can be very important in marketing analysis. It is also possible to use a function that allows you to exclude personnel traffic from the calculations. As a result, the obtained results are even more accurate. In the near future, the functions of the counters will also be expanded to include heatmaps to check where customers spend the most time, as well as a queue system that allows for a detailed analysis of queues, which will help increase customer satisfaction and comfort.The in-store customer counter will allow you to analyze your marketing activities more effectively as well as make better business decisions. It is a perfect complement to other solutions, such as CCTV or traditional alarm systems . When you decide to buy it, you invest in access to information that may prove invaluable to you as an entrepreneur.