Store assortment during the holiday shopping season – How can the customer counter help?

Before Christmas, many of us go on a shopping frenzy. Everyone wants to stock up on food and
gifts— especially when the exhibitions show information about seasonal discounts, additions or
giveaways related to the upcoming Christmas.
Increased traffic in commercial facilities is not only a chance for profits from sales, but also,
losses caused by thefts or damage to goods.

Counter as additional staff support

Although when talking about anti-theft protection, we usually think of solutions such as cable
systems or gates. Other Optiguard Technology products can also be used for this purpose,
serving to optimize sales.
The customer counter, associated rather with tailoring the offer to the needs of consumers,
analyzing purchasing decisions and generating reports, has several functions that can become
extremely useful before Christmas.

Analyze aisle traffic with a customer counter

Before Christmas, the traffic is so large that sometimes the increased number of staff in the sales
room is not able to accurately monitor what is happening on each of the shelves. Traffic analysis
will allow you to quickly and accurately determine which aisles customers go to most often, how
much time they spend in them and at what times. This way, it is easier to regain control of the
store by delegating someone from the service to replace it.

Theft and registration of entries and exits

While it is normal for some customers to enter the store just to look around and leave without
shopping, when it comes to theft or significant damage assortment, you can use the functionality
of the counter, which is a technologically advanced cooperation with cameras and the option of
face recognition.
Regardless of whether you want to use the additional functions of the meters as a way to support
staff during their work during the holiday shopping, or you prefer to use specially designed
systems such as OBSERVER for this purpose – a modern customer counter will help you make a
decision about:

  • quick rearrangement of the exhibition, if the current one does not attract traffic from the
  • outside
  • changing the way the goods are displayed on the shelves
  • filling the shift with more employees.