Securing the headphones – comfort and aesthetics with the Cubik system

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Slim Line security

Sales psychology allows us to learn about the mechanisms influencing customer purchasing decisions. Visual merchandising specialists carefully develop display patterns to encourage the purchase of specific items. The mere arrangement of goods can significantly increase sales rates. But it is not everything! Encouraging consumers to touch assortments has also become an important part of modern commerce. How to reconcile dynamic changes in marketing and at the same time ensure the safety of ever smaller electronic gadgets?

Meet the Cubik system for securing the headphones

Wireless earphones are a real challenge for employees of electronics stores. The exposure of this type of product is associated with a high risk of theft. Although the security cassettes provide protection against the removal of small elements, they do not have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the exhibition. What’s more is that they limit the possibilities of increasing the store’s turnover thanks to the touch of a given model.

For many customers, when choosing headphones, it is also important to try on a specific model. Thus, in order to meet the requirements of consumers, and at the same time to secure the assortment, we have created special systems with mechanical and electronic protection of small-sized gadgets

Protection for sports and over-ear headphones

Cubik anti-theft systems are designed for the most demanding items. The full display of the headphones, the possibility of removing them from a specially profiled stand and viewing the product strengthens the positive shopping experience and supports the decision-making process of customers. A flexible cable terminated with an electronic security device, in the event of a product detachment, will immediately alert the shop staff about an attempted theft.

Small parts of the earbuds

Currently, one of the more eagerly bought headphones are rechargeable, wireless in-ear models. The perfect protection is small enough not to dominate the product, and effective enough to prevent unnoticed detachment of elements. The Cubik security system will protect not only the charging station, but also the headphones themselves from theft; while still allowing the customer to touch the product and turn it in their hands.

We make every effort to ensure that our solutions meet the highest safety standards, but not only that – we know that successful marketing is more than just a visit to the store, therefore Optiguard security systems will help you adjust the display to the latest visual merchandising trends.