Rapid changes require modern solutions – electronic price labels

The prices of products, even basic ones, become obsolete very quickly. In the case of electronics, drugs or products subject to excise duty, there are changes in the tax law, excise duty, absolutely deadlines for consumption or seasonal sales frequent for a specific industry. In order to keep up with the dynamic market development and minimize the risk of mistakes, it is worth considering electronic price tags.

Not only streamlining your work

Electronic price labels, thanks to the management system, you can change without involving a few store employees. Prices are updated from the level of a dedicated program, so you only need a few clicks to refresh information on specific products. Thus, it is much easier to avoid mistakes or omissions that may result in complaints from dissatisfied customers. However, modern price tags have another advantage – visually attractive, they attract the eye, diversify the display, and also clearly present the most important advantages of the product.

The multimedia price strip is a modifiable display that will allow you to display the most important promotion on a given day or advertise a new product. The strip gives the possibility of visual modification through the use of static graphics or moving animations. It looks great both inside the store, behind the counter, and on the display window. The modern, minimalist design will work in every major store, regardless of the industry.

Price labels from Optiguard

The long service life of electronic price tags means that the investment in modernizing the labels does not generate additional costs related to maintenance or repair. In our offer you will find price tags of various shapes and sizes, so you can easily match them to the general interior of the store or the amount of information you want to include on the label. Attractive appearance, easy price management and the ability to update the data of both a single price tag and all available in the store are some of the many advantages of these modern labels. For more information, please visit our website.