Optiguard software i.e. comprehensive software for business

Optiguard software, i.e. comprehensive software for business:

Although at Optiguard we specialize in the production and distribution of modern anti-theft security devices to stores, we also meet our expectations with an attractive software offer. Thus, the use of our solutions will become even more intuitive and convenient. We offer Optiguard

customers carefully refined innovative software in the form of four programs, such as:

  • Optimedia Video
  • OptiMedia
  • Optiguard Observer
  • App Sensor
  1. Optimedia Video – is a program for interactive product presentation, which, as you know, can make a much greater impression on the customer than the traditionally used solutions. This software relies on special sensors that are mounted on the products. How does it work? As soon as the product is picked up or when the appropriate button is pressed, the company representing the specified product is displayed on the screen. The undoubted advantages of the Optimedia Video program include support for various file formats (including AVI, MOV and MP4), as well as the ability to win them with the help of a USB memory.
  2. OptiMedia – is a software that works on a similar principle to the previously mentioned Optimedia OptiMedia also uses presentations on a monitor integrated with the Optiguard system to present specific products. By attracting an inviting start screen, it encourages you to pick up an article, thereby displaying the related video. OptiMedia is a program equipped with a built-in lift counter module, thanks to which you can create statistics on the popularity of many products. In addition, it works perfectly with any of the Optiguard security systems, and can be updated automatically via the Internet.
  3. Optiguard Observer – is a tool that monitors the security status of a given facility using the local network. What are its advantages? First of all, it supports and aids the work of all staff members, informs about the activity of specific security measures, visualizes the placement of products on the display, records and reports the response time of employees to alerts, and effectively monitors the operation of the entire shop anti-theft system .
  4. App Sensor – is an application informing about attempts to steal phones from the

exposure, which activates an alarm when the charging cable is disconnected. Why is it worth using? As it is characterized by an extremely loud alarm sound, it allows you to lock the phone settings, thus ensuring a neat appearance of the display, and also guarantees quick detection of thieves.

We encourage you to read the full specification of the Optiguard software, which will certainly not only enable great product marketing, but will also prove to be a perfect complement to anti-theft systems in stores from various industries. We invite you!