Mobile customer service at the point of sale with Optiguard Independent

The modern market for the sale of products and services is highly demanding. It is constantly developing to meet the most demanding customer expectations, not only in terms of the highest quality of the item itself, but also the atmosphere in which it is purchased. This is all the more important in a situation where stationery sales are increasingly competing with the online sales channel. Little is said about secondary devices such as a store’s security.

E-shops, e-restaurants and even e-libraries tempt with the ease of access to information and saving time spent on stationary purchases. However, when the decision to purchase is made in the so-called real world, not on the Internet, we want the in-store experience to be quick, captivating, and comprehensive.

Selling in stores is not only carefree viewing and buying products from the customer’s perspective, but it is also a complex process of securing the seller against possible thefts. Especially when it comes to electronics. Everyone wants to touch, try out the action, see it from a variety of perspectives. Today, phones, laptops, and tablets are not only secured against theft in shops, but also play an informative role. These devices often replace a traditional flyer with a movie played online or a paper menu card in a restaurant, which can be successfully displayed on a mobile device. The retail industry’s demand for this type of device is met by manufacturers of anti-theft solutions. One of such producers is the company Optiguard, which offers a security device, Independent.

Optiguard Independent – be mobile

The Optiguard Independent security product allows the tablet to be used as a tool that actively supports sales or customer service. Designed and made to secure & charge the tablet, for places where the customer service department needs support in the form of a mobile device. For example, a car showroom, where the customer can view the seller’s offer in a specially prepared material on a tablet removed from the station. Similarly in a restaurant, when he can choose a dish from a virtual menu. Independent allows for the free presentation of content. Depending on the orientation of the displayed page horizontally or vertically, with the possibility of turning the tablet towards the client or detaching from the docking station.

Independent is a complete solution that protects the tablet, charges, but above all allows full mobility for the adviser or seller. It is discrete and does not interfere with the use of the tablet by both the seller and the customer. After placing the tablet on the Independent docking station, it is protected against attempted theft and has guaranteed charging. Car dealerships, restaurants, travel agencies, banks, hotels, libraries, beauty salons and pharmacies – to name a few, are all places that can use Independent. Independent then has an active role in making the sales!

Trends in the retail market

The universality of mobile devices, the availability of new technologies, and the growing awareness of consumers mean that the retail industry in the world and in Poland, is changing dynamically. Retail is becoming more mobile and innovative. Traders try to ensure a consistent and convenient purchasing process, regardless of the device used by the customer, and the place of purchase. Thus, safety of both the product sold and the customer is important. Trade is no longer often divided into channels and the main goal of each brand is to provide consumers with consistency in contact with itself in every place – stationary or mobile.

In a physical store, the communication style of the staff with the customer is the most important; high-level service and communication plays an even more important role in online sales. Both these areas overlap and a lot of innovation is required of them. It is a challenge to personalize sales as much as possible and satisfy the individual consumer. Devices such as Optiguard Independent allow for such personalization, making sales mobile, fast and tailored to the customer. The security device is not only the background of the product, but thanks to its additional presentation functions, it makes the sales process itself more seamless and convenient. It is said that world retail is now ruled by speed. There is a similar trend in the field of product security. Manufacturers such as Optiguard engage their research and development departments to develop the most optimal and innovative solutions that will support this galloping sale at the
same pace. Let’s summarize the advantages of the Independent against the trends in the retail industry: convenient presentation for the customer, mobility of sales personnel, both mechanical and electronic security, ensuring that the product (e.g. tablet) is loaded, fast installation, a wide range of protected tablets. Independent is perfect for places with a higher security standard.

What does the latest research say?

In Warsaw, on January 3, 2019, Zebra Technologies1, a leader on the market of mobile computers, scanners and barcode printers, also offering software and services ensuring the visibility of the company’s resources in real time, announced the results of the 11th edition of the Global Shopper Study, which is carried out year. The survey was to provide an analysis of the opinions and expectations of buyers, store employees as well as owners and decision-makers from the retail industry. It stated that two-thirds (66%) of store personnel believe that with the help of tablets they could improve customer service and raise the level of their service. In Asia-Pacific, as many as 62% of retail workers perceive their employers more positively when they provide them with mobile devices to carry out tasks in their daily work, and 49% of store staff say that mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) help them do better work. Therefore, thinking globally, well-secured (e.g. with an Independent device), properly configured and sales-supporting tablets are, according to research, one of the devices that have a bright future in the retail industry.