Interactive product presentation


The broadly understood design has been striving for minimalism for several years. In many stores and showrooms, we can observe a radical reduction in the incentives that affect customers. The place of numerous colorful posters is replaced by simple white, and the recipient can fully focus on the products. Optimedia Video, an interactive product presentation system, fits perfectly into this concept. Instead of a thick catalog or several dozen information leaflets, there is one screen displaying all information about the product viewed by the customer.

How does Optimedia Video work?

The interactive presentation system uses sensors mounted on individual products. When the customer picks up the displayed watch, phone or a pair of headphones and or selects the appropriate button – a video material presenting information about the product is displayed on the screen. But that’s not all, after the presentation, you can analyze the interest in specific products using software running on Linux, and thus conduct fully valuable marketing research.

Optimedia Video – A new generation of POS materials

So far, the potential innovation of POS materials has been based on its visual attractiveness, surprising elements and ways of displaying goods. At Optiguard Technology, we go a step further to reach customers visiting stationary stores or showrooms even more effectively. The interactive presentation system uses video materials – a tool with proven advertising effectiveness, giving real chances for conversion. Due to the fact that it stimulates an additional sense of touch, it is even more engaging than the norm. All you need to do is prepare the selected content, in tandem with the Optimedia Video system, to increase sales.

Which products can be presented with Optimedia Video?

The interactive presentation system works best for products that the customer selects simply because of their properties and parameters, and not necessarily their appearance. Thanks to this, various information about the mobile phone, smart watch, headphones or other electronic device will appear on the screen. The possibilities of the system are practically unlimited, because you can also display shoes, wine (in a special Optimedia Vinomat system) and many other products.

Would you like to learn more about adapting Optimedia Video to a particular type of product? Contact us to establish cooperation today and increase the chances of stationary sales!