How to protect small objects against theft?

zabezpieczenie antykradzieżowe

Miniaturization is a phenomenon that is not only popular in the electronics and new technologies industry, but is also actively and currently being developed. Consumers are eager to buy small headsets, personal cameras or smartwatches with different display diameters in such small sizes. Items smaller than pocket-size are easiest to hide, and thus relatively easy to take out of the store without paying a fee.

In other words – small or mobile devices (or their elements) are the best prey for shop thieves! Many sellers compromise by keeping small devices in showcases or security cassettes, thus giving up one of the most important factors motivating customers to buy – the ability to touch.

The best solution for the safety of exposure

Since personal contact with the item, as well as its proper display, increases the value of the customer’s shopping cart, it is not worth giving up on it! To protect the assortment from theft, it is enough to use anti-theft accessories suitable for small gadgets. In addition to the traditional cable protections, it is worth reaching for the latest solutions.

At Optiguard, we have adapted the CUBIK security system to items such as wireless earphones, smartwatches, jewelry and other expensive trinkets. Which not only allows for the aesthetic display of products, customer touching or trying on, but above all prevents theft mechanically or in a mechanical-electronic system.

Not only electronics – Nano Sensor can be used for all industries.

The display of incomplete items (such as cameras without lenses or power tools without attached tips) not only adversely affects the reception of the product by customers, but also is a completely unnecessary procedure. Discrete sensors, strong clamps, as well as differing cable wires to choose from, and facilitate the presentation of even the most sophisticated shapes. It can be used as an additional or stand-alone protection – in each version it guarantees high protection against theft.

Create a safe, highly aesthetic display of small items without fear of taking out moving parts and pieces. Choose the CUBIK or Nano Sensor system and if you are not sure which one will be the best for the range in your store, please contact our specialists for help on your selection.