How to practically use customer entry counters

Customer entry counters in the basic version is a tool that allows you to collect information on the number of entries and exits at a given time to a retail outlet. This alone makes it possible to monitor, for example, the impact of competition opening close to our store or the effectiveness of the latest advertising campaign. Advanced counting systems can lead to a revolution in point of sale management policy

Store ergonomics

Advanced entry counters can show how much time the customer spends in a given aisle and when they leave. Thanks to this, you can eliminate such elements as narrow aisles between shelves and collect data on the time of making purchasing decisions.

This is a great way to check (and possibly change) the effectiveness of the display of the goods that we want to sell the most. Thus, the customer counter helps to make better business decisions.

Employee productivity and reaction time

The counters help to estimate the busiest hours, and thus adjust the working hours of the staff and facilitate the allocation of tasks between employees. In addition, it is possible to control the issued receipts, which may additionally affect the decision on additional remuneration or other method of distinction.

An advanced customer counting system, such as EyeCounter, also perfectly analyzes data such as time spent in the queue or the fitting room. An effective sensor based on camera images distinguishes adults from children, and thus the collected data is much more reliable.

Advantages of modern customer entry counters

From the point of view of customers, it is important to place the meters discreetly – you will place the solutions proposed by Optiguard on anti-theft roller shutters or on the ceiling, and thus, collect the necessary data without affecting the reception of the facility by buyers.

Depending on the needs and the area of the store, you can choose a technology based on the analysis of cameras, thermal sensors or infrared beams. If you do not know which system will be suitable for your business – contact our advisor.