How to increase the aesthetics of the display?

Slim Line security

Running an electronics store is always associated with two key issues that every electric store owner must combine – an attractive presentation of the goods offered and their effective protection against theft.

Proper display should attract customers and encourage them to try or buy smartphones, and security must protect them without compromising aesthetics. No wonder that sometimes the combination of these two issues can be problematic – after all, they relate to different aspects of sales; but the solution to the problem turns out to be Slim Line security.

What are Slim Line cable protections?

Slim Line is a series of products that are a perfect combination of elegant appearance and effective protection against theft. They provide a reliable protection, which is almost invisible, and therefore serves as a neat, attractive presentation of smartphones.

Slim Line has a small size, which allows for trouble-free testing of products by customers, without adversely affecting the appearance of the goods, and – thanks to a durable sticker and anti-sabotage switch – they guarantee full security.

In addition, Slim Line is also equipped with a number of amenities that increase both the effectiveness of protection and functionality. They include, among others, holes for additional mechanical security or universal charging plugs.

Types of anti-theft systems from the Slim Line series

Slim Line is not only an effective protection of smartphones against theft, along with their stylish presentation, made possible by a discreet design; depending on individual needs, the products of this series are available in three different variants.

Slim Line 1 is the simplest of them, consisting of small elements – a phone mounting bracket and a base. Slightly more extensive is the option Slim Line 2, which can be mounted with magnets or stickers – without the need for drilling – which provides additional space for the label. Slim Line 3 requires the preparation of a hole in the table top, just like Slim Line 1, but thanks to this, only a small handle remains on the outside – a guarantee of an aesthetic, subtle look.

Slim Line – shop security devices from Optiguard Technology

The products from the Slim Line series are therefore the perfect choice for those who want to ensure the complete security of the smartphones they offer and at the same time make sure that they are displayed in an attractive way that allows for free testing! From simple models to mounted under a furniture top – at Optiguard Technology we provide modern, reliable solutions that guarantee protection and aesthetics. We cordially invite you to read the detailed information on Slim Line store security! www.optiguard.pl