How to effectively protect a store against theft

Are you planning to open a new electronics, apparel, luxury accessory, jewelry or other high-value store this year? In addition to insurance against theft, it is also worth taking care to
effectively prevent this devastating and unfortunate event from ever occurring again.
Check what solutions we have developed at Optiguard Technology to prevent thieves from taking your valued goods outside of the store.

Anti-theft gates

The characteristic anti- theft gates have become a standard in shopping malls and various stores. They are valued for high sensitivity, stable operation, through the use of modern technologies it also allows the possibility of adjusting additional accessories (as well as a wide range of aesthetics).

The principle of the system is simple—the goods are secured with clips or labels, which, after crossing the gate, send a signal to activate the alarm. The purchased product is “disarmed” by the cashier and after finalizing the transaction, the customer can freely leave the store. Three different technologies are used in individual Optiguard Technology gates:

  • AM, i.e. acustomagnetic technology
  • RF, i.e. radio frequencies
  • EM stands for electromagnetic technology

They differ in the way the gate and the tags or clips stay in contact with each other.

Cable systems for electronics stores

The display of goods is a key element in every store. In order for a customer to be sure that they want to purchase a specific product, they usually have to try or test it out. Cable
systems are an effective way to protect against theft of exhibition smartphones, tablets, watches, cameras and other devices. The equipment is attached to the protection, and thus it is impossible to take it outside the store. The solution has gained recognition not only for its effectiveness, but also for its refined aesthetics referring to minimalist trends in design.

Electronic shop security systems

Every store offering high-value goods must have basic solutions such as video surveillance, burglary and robbery alarm, as well as an access control system. Thanks to this, you are then able to provide your company with comprehensive protection in the event of an attempted theft, and in the event of loss of expensive products, you will prove to the insurer that they are obliged to pay compensation.

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