Electronic price labels – why you should follow the news?

The increasing popularity and demand of electronic price labels is directly related to the desire of retail facility owners to make their stands more attractive and to improve the work of their staff. This modern solution will work not only in large supermarkets, where managing price changes may be difficult, but also in smaller stores or showrooms. There is a simple reason why electronic price tags are considered to be key for the future.

An elegant display is not everything…

The advantages of electronic labels are, above all, visually attractive access to information about the price of the product or current promotions. Eye-catching, clear and colorful price tag has a positive effect on the reception of displays by customers, and thus influences purchasing decisions. But that is not all – electronic price labels significantly improve the process of updating prices or information about products. This is important especially where there are many products and the manual change of price cards by the staff is all too time consuming.

Simple error elimination

Incorrect product marking is the basis for a complaint at the checkout. Replacing labels or mistakenly updating the price on the shelf may result in customer claims, and thus expose the store to losses related to selling the product cheaper. Thanks to electronic labels, it is much easier to avoid this type of error by automatically updating prices. Additionally, the dimensions of electronic labels can be easily adjusted to the dimensions of the products. The Optiguard offer includes various sizes of LCD screens adapted to interactive price presentation.

Static or dynamic?

Modern technology used in the design of electronic labels allows you to present the image in a static or dynamic way. You decide how you want to present a specific item to your customers. Battery life is not without significance in the case of electronic price tags. Labels can work continuously for up to several years, which is extremely important from an economic point of view. Ultimately, using a modified, modern price tag is much cheaper than constantly printing updated prices. If you have questions about this product – contact us today.