Customer counters – what is the best use of customer counters?

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Customer entry counters are extremely versatile devices that, due to their extensive application, can be used in many industries – not only commercial. They are placed at the entrances to specific objects, and thanks to innovative infrared sensors or cameras, they precisely count people entering, leaving and passing by the store.

Where is it worth installing modern customer counting systems? Certainly, in all commercial and service outlets, car showrooms, reading rooms, libraries, museums, at events, and especially wherever you would like to obtain numerical data for analysis.

Reasons to use customer entry counters

The information obtained thanks to these functional devices opens up wide possibilities; including not only the improvement of marketing activities, but also the optimization of work. In practice, the customer counting system will allow you to compare the efficiency of employees, while helping to manage staff more effectively or adjust working hours. In addition, thanks to the numerical data, you can estimate the times when customers appear in the store, thus being able to plan specific marketing activities for this time in order to increase sales.

Importantly, the information obtained from the customer counters allows you to monitor the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, and also check the popularity of a given location of a retail outlet. The unlimited use of customer counting systems makes them an extremely effective statistical tool used by various corporations.

Modern customer counters – get to know their properties

The undoubted advantage of the counting systems is the simplicity of operation and intuitive monitoring software, thus, making them highly effective in varying conditions. Counter applications allow for the preparation of clear statistics or charts, as well as export to selected file formats. All of these functions make the ongoing analysis of reports extremely simple and can be used to plan effective strategies.

At Optiguard, we have prepared a few suggestions for counting customers. These are simple solutions in the form of manual customer counters, EyeCounter DS – a system based on data collected by video cameras or OptiCounter operating using arranged infrared sensors