Control the range of the store remote from the observer system


Trade in valuables, especially in stores with larger surfaces, is associated with an increased risk of theft of all or movable parts of the items sold. To prevent this, many types of security are used, which can be successfully adapted to the type of assortment. However, what should you do when it is not enough or you need additional solutions? What if the failure of the switchboard escapes the attention of the staff? It is worth investing in the OBSERVER system, which remotely supports the control of product security and generates appropriate reports.

The main advantages of the OBSERVER system

Remote assortment control with the use of appropriate software is an excellent support for store staff who, despite their sincere intentions, cannot be everywhere. Thus, viewing the status of alarm control units from the computer significantly reduces the reaction time, and discreet notifications immediately inform security personnel about the need to check a specific position– without drawing the attention of customers present at the point. OBSERVER allows you to upload a store map, view alarm systems in real time and monitor the service response time to a signal. In addition, it indicates exactly which security has been breached.

Do I need to replace the company’s equipment to install an anti-theft system?

We have made every effort to ensure that OBSERVER works smoothly with the most popular parameters. In the detailed hardware requirements, you will find items such as the preferred processor (Intel i3 or higher), the optimal screen resolution of the monitor, or recommendations for local network configuration. OBSERVER works with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and newer! The intuitive control panel allows you to efficiently and seamlessly navigate the software environment.

In which industries OBSERVER is best suited?

We have developed the system with the electronic and GSM industries in mind, both in stores with this commercial profile and in large-format supermarkets, where the department of mobile phones and electronic gadgets accounts for a small part of the entire area. If you want to gain additional control over an expensive assortment, the OBSERVER remote product monitoring system will meet all your requirements.