Cable protection systems – what you should know about Electronics protection


Regardless of the industry, one of the key issues in every store is the appropriate presentation of products to attract customers’ attention and peak enough interest in their offer. At the same time, it is also extremely important to protect goods against theft using properly selected protective

A special case, however, is the sale of electronics – smartphones, tablets, cameras or small household appliances on the one hand should be protected against theft, and on the other hand, allow customers to try and familiarize themselves with the functions of the device. Cable protection systems that combine protection and presentation turn out to be a perfect solution!

Cable security – an effective protection of electronics against theft

We have probably visited an electronics and household appliances store at least once to know what cable protections exactly look like. They are in the form of solid stands mounted on store shelves on which the devices are placed. Phones, headphones and other products are protected by a durable cable that allows you to try them out at the same time. Cable security is the perfect way to protect electronic equipment – their durability effectively prevents theft, and a long cable allows you to test the device yourself or try on a smartwatch or headphones.

Not only security – cable systems as a way to present the goods

Cable security is the perfect way to combine protection of goods against theft with an interactive  presentation. These systems also allow for the proper display of products – their primary function is to constantly charge the devices, which allows you to test them without fear of discharge. In addition, cable protections are often equipped with a stylish backlight distinguishing the goods,
and at the same time informing about the protection status. Due to these types of systems, it is also possible to properly present a specific product by placing it in a selected position – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Reliable cable protections for shops and service points

Cable protection systems are a protection that works primarily in stores offering electronics, but is also perfect for all facilities where customer service can take place using tablets. In banks, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, libraries and car showrooms – each of which the cable protections will do their job. If you want to find out about the extraordinary usefulness of this type of system, take advantage of our Optiguard offer. We work with solid security measures that guarantee effective protection, durability and perfect display of goods.

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