Anti-theft gate

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Anti-theft gates are now standard in most stores. They are found not only in shopping malls, but also in smaller premises of private owners. They provide a sense of security and reduce losses in the company’s budget. High sensitivity, stability, the use of modern technologies – these are the features that must characterize good and effective alarm gates. The products offered by the Optiguard company can also be found in various design versions, thanks to which their appearance can be easily adapted to the interior of the store. 

How do magnetic gates in stores work?

We offer various gate operation systems to choose from. 

system am

AM system

Anti-theft gates in the AM system, i.e. acoustic-magnetic ones, enable the most effective protection of goods over a long distance. Thanks to this, they are especially useful in shopping malls and department stores with wide aisles in shops. They are also available in mono configuration as a single antenna can provide protection up to 3 meters.

system rf

RF System

The radio (RF) system uses radio technology to detect attempts to transfer goods with clips and labels through the checkpoint. Its advantage is a wide selection of antennas with a variety of designs, so they can be adapted to the interior of the store. It is especially recommended for supermarkets and clothing stores.

system em

EM System

Electromagnetic (EM) systems work by energizing an alarm tag with a magnetic field and examining its response. They are placed at the entrance and at the ticket offices. They will work best in supermarkets, cosmetics stores, rentals or libraries, in pharmacies and electronics stores. And also offer the option of securing metal goods.

akcesoria do bramek


Choose proven accessories for anti-theft gates from a manufacturer with many years of experience!

Choose proven accessories for anti-theft gates from a manufacturer with many years of experience!

Compatible with the appropriate system anti-theft accessories are the key to success, ensuring maximum security. Lines, needles, as well as anti-theft labels or clips must be adapted to the system that is used in a given point of sale. Our offer also includes standard and mini-version detachers as well as safers for securing small products. 

In addition, anti-theft gates can also be connected with devices that allow count customers entering and leaving the store, which allows you to control sales and keep statistics. Thus, it is possible to create multifunctional devices that ensure both security and facilitate marketing analyzes.

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