Anti-theft gates – types and application

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Among the many options for securing a store or other premises where goods are kept, the most important are anti-theft gates. The development of technology allowed for the refinement of alarm systems so that entrepreneurs and business owners can choose among the models most suited to their business profile. Although each of the gates have the same purpose – to send information about the theft attempt to service or security, they differ in the technique used in the construction process.

Among the most popular, we distinguish:

  • Electromagnetic gates
  • Acustomagnetically gates
  • Radio gates

Basic differences between anti-theft gates

The appropriate choice of the gate to the specificity of the store is the basis for increasing the sense of security and reducing losses resulting from theft. Acousto-magnetic gates work perfectly over long distances. They will work wherever there are wide passages, i.e. in shopping malls, department stores, cinemas and even some museums. Radio systems are most popular in clothing boutiques and supermarkets. By matching the design of the antennas to the interior design, they create a cohesive image and can even become an additional decoration to the space.

Electromagnetic systems in the protection of goods

Electromagnetic gates are perfect where we want to secure goods containing metal elements. The mextremely sensitive system allows you to detect an attempt to take an item out of the store, even when it is packed in many layers of aluminum foil. If you run a business related to electronics, construction industry, large DIY store, general supermarket, drugstore, boutique or pharmacy, this electromagnetic gate will surely meet all of your requirements.

Accessories for anti-theft gates

When deciding on an anti-theft system, you cannot forget about the appropriate accessories without which, the gate will not work. Appropriate safers, lines, clips, magnetic labels or pins discreetly secure items; this way, all of the goods placed on the shelves look as aesthetic as in the case of unprotected products.

Maintaining the aesthetics of space and the functionality of anti-theft systems is one of the many advantages of Optiguard’s products