Anti-theft gates not only in stores

Every owner of a grocery store, electronics showroom, drugstore, perfumery, supermarket or any
other point of sale must take into account the risk of theft. Usually the goods are insured and the
disappearance of a few products is not a big problem for the company and the team.
However, if a thief escapes with a unique work of art, a museum exhibit or a very expensive
laboratory device, it may be the beginning of serious trouble. It is worth securing the object in
advance, from which it will be impossible to remove anything without triggering the alarm.
How to do it?

Anti-theft systems for various types of facilities

At Optiguard Technology, we have developed 3 methods of detecting theft:

  • AM system (using acoustic technology),
  • RF (radio) system,
  • EM system (based on electromagnetic technology).

The systems consist of cooperating clips and gates, and their task is to activate the alarm when the object marked with the clip crosses the gate.

Wide application of anti-theft gates

Most often, anti-theft gates are used in various types of stores— with electronics, cosmetics,
clothes, accessories and other types of assortment. However, it is worth knowing that individual
systems allow you to effectively protect objects of a different nature.
These can be, for example, museums with rare exhibits, art galleries, collections, training centers
with expensive equipment, laboratories with equipment worth millions, jewelry workshops, and
hundreds of others.

Effective protection in the event of theft of works of art

History knows many cases of audacious theft of unique paintings from the world’s most famous
artists, and many works have been lost without a trace. If you want your exhibits to be safe and
the insurance will not cover all losses, take care of the proper protection of your collections or a
gallery visited by thousands of art lovers.
Technologies used in individual systems allow an alarm to be triggered immediately when an
object marked with a clip or a transmitter crosses the threshold of the gates. Please contact
Optiguard Technology, the specialists in anti-theft security.