Burglary and assault signaling systems

Burglary and assault signaling systems are one of the most commonly used solutions to increase security in facilities and places at risk of unauthorized access, such as financial companies, warehouses, office buildings, medical laboratories, shops and many others. Alarm control panels provide information to the relevant security services in order to take quick action on the secured facility. Thanks to this, it is not only much easier to catch an intruder, but also to assert one’s rights on the basis of registered evidence.

The control panel - the heart of the intrusion alarm system

The Optiguard team provides comprehensive solutions based on alarm control panels, signaling devices and various types of motion sensors, infrared barriers, glass break sensors, window / door open sensors, sensors of exceeding the threshold concentration of gases, optical smoke detectors, flood detectors and others. At a later stage, we enable the integration of the SWiN system with other security systems such as: CCTV, KD, EAS. Comprehensive solutions allow for faster detection of threats and the preservation of evidence materials for various types of services.

Burglary alarm - trust the Optiguard experience!

For years we have been designing and distributing anti-theft security devices. We offer burglary and assault signaling systems based on the latest technologies, so we are sure that the proposed solutions will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Optiguard has products from renowned manufacturers such as Bosch, Satel, Honeywell and Pulsar. The tested quality of the equipment and the knowledge of our specialists allow us to create security measures that meet the highest standards. Do you have questions about burglary signaling? Contact us by phone or using the form available on the website!

Anti-theft gates