Electronic security systems

Optiguard offers a wide range of high-class solutions in the field of electronic security systems. Our systems are an effective tool supporting security in various public facilities, i.e. commercial facilities (anti-theft and increasing the level of security), offices, residential buildings, logistics centers, city streets and any other locations where there are threats to disrupt public order
systemy monitoringu wizyjnego

monitoring systems

systemy sygnalizacji włamania i napadu

Burglary and assault signaling systems

systemy kontroli dostępu

control systems

Commercial facilities: they are exposed to all kinds of theft attempts, acts of vandalism, burglary, assaults and other activities related to disturbing public order in such establishments. Electronic security systems used to improve security are most often video monitoring systems with advanced image analytics (behavior analysis, early detection of threats, measuring the flow of people), burglary and robbery signaling systems connected with the notification centers of security companies, access control systems limiting access to various zones in facilities for unauthorized persons.

centrum handlowe

Logistics centers: we offer integrated security systems and facility management. Video monitoring systems, apart from the preventive function, also have the ability to analyze the image in order to increase work efficiency. The analysis of the movement of people and objects can provide us with information about the possibility of changing the organization of traffic (better placement of loads, shorter routes of movement of employees, reorganization of high storage in relation to the cubature of the facility, control of working time). The advanced license plate reading function with data aggregation allows you to monitor vehicles entering and leaving the facility.


Residential buildings: monitoring and intruder alarm systems are becoming a standard in terms of increasing security in residential buildings and constitute the security systems offered by Optiguard. Our task is to integrate and automate objects in the context of such functions as:

remote notifications about security status,
remote viewing from mobile devices,
the ability to run a simplified image analytics allowing the detection of unauthorized persons or objects on the client’s private premises
silent and loud alarms to deter intruders

We make every effort to ensure that our security systems constitute a compilation of tailor-made and in accordance with the client’s expectations of the most modern devices available on the market that guarantee security.