AI Vision counting system – Neural technology in an intelligent image analysis system

There is an increase in competition in every industry. This is especially true of stores located in
large shopping centers, where many facilities of a similar profile are adjacent to each other. Thus,
the method of data analysis should be much more advanced if we want to use the full potential of
the facility. AI Vision is a tool that revolutionizes the way customer data is collected, the
conversion rate and much more.
The advantages of the latest neural technology in meters will be appreciated by all managers who
are responsible for the financial results of the store and the level of customer satisfaction.

Differences between regular customer counter and AI Vision with neural technology

AI Vision is an advanced image analysis system. The installed CCTV camera transmits
information to the analyzing device. This processes the data and saves them on the server.
Access to the dashboard requires only logging in via a web browser. The AI ​ Vision system was
created using neural networks and artificial intelligence,thus,enabling the collection of
information about the characteristics of customers visiting the store. Full traffic analysis takes
place not only inside the facility, but also in the area in front of the entrance, thus providing
information on the effectiveness of advertising or the quality of the exhibition.
The entire system is based on the monitoring infrastructure already installed in the store, thus
minimizing the cost of installation.

Dashboard – multi-module analytical platform

The web interface of the AI ​ Vision system allows you to obtain transparent data and generate a
report. Access to detailed statistics on traffic and customer behavior in the store allows you to
more precisely define the needs of consumers, areas of their interests, measure the level of
interest in the campaign or current promotions. The conclusions drawn on this basis are used for
a deep analysis of the object’s potential.

AI Vision is much more than a customer meter. It is an advanced tool that adequately presents
the data necessary for the work of every store manager.