Advantages of AI Vision systems

The market development in sales industries is extremely intense—it is influenced by constantly changing trends, needs and requirements of consumers, as well as constantly outdoing competing brands in satisfying the unconscious needs of customers and influencing their purchasing decisions. In order to stay ahead of other stores, implement appropriate changes and use the full potential of the premises you are occupying, you need to be a step further than your competition. The analysis and drawing conclusions from the provided data about visitors will certainly facilitate this task.

AI Vision – artificial intelligence supporting marketing

AI Vision is a modern tool that thanks to the technology of neural networks and artificial intelligence, allows you to observe, and draw conclusions from the recorded images. The extensive system functions support store management in the area of customer counting, analysis of consumer behavior in individual places of the premises, calculation of the conversion rate, as well as drawing conclusions about purchasing decisions made by specific people.

Not only monitoring – increase the success of your facility with the AI Vision system

The advantage of AI Vision by Optiguard is compatibility with a standard video monitoring system, present in almost every commercial premises. Thus, the cost of the installation itself is much lower. If you are interested in a specific part of the space – for example, islands with promotional items – you can program the system to easily generate a full report on customer behavior in this area. In addition, AI Vision allows you to observe the reactions of people to the style of the website or the advertising slogans placed on it. The input rate calculated on this basis can help you modify and improve your marketing activities.

Intuitive dashboard and functional interface

We strive to make our products easy to use and extremely useful in everyday work. The AI Vision system offers such possibilities as three-step granting permissions, defining counting areas, and access to statistics and much more. Everything in a convenient, legible and user-friendly form. Appropriate data flow security measures allow the necessary procedures specified by the GDPR to be maintained. Contact us today to get started.