A new trend in the way goods are displayed – Choose delicacy!

November and December are the real sales harvest in all kinds of retail outlets with electronics.
In order to prepare the store for the hottest period of the year, it is worth taking care not only of
effective protection against possible theft, but also of the aesthetics of the display. Global trends
strive for radical minimalism; this is associated with the need to use more and more creative
solutions. How to display smartphones or tablets in an elegant, modern way to enjoy the positive
image of the showroom? Check out Optiguard Technology offers!

Subtle security features that let you try the hardware freely

At Optiguard Technology, we create solutions that allow you to hide some of the security
features of the presented devices under the countertop, thanks to which the customer viewing the
phones will see only the necessary, aesthetic minimum. We recommend iLINE, for example, a
display that combines protection against theft, comfort of testing and no visible cables that are
pleasing to the eye. The product, equipped with a steel base and mechanical grips, allows you to
easily charge the phone, presenting it in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Another solution is
the STANDALONE 150, which as standard has a built-in spiral that allows you to conveniently
lift the product, and thus discreetly hide the cable inside the housing.

Security and aesthetic presentation of smartphones

How the store approaches issues related to securing individual products says a lot about the
network’s attitude to customers. People visiting the showroom, seeing a lot of cables and alarm
clips, will certainly not feel comfortable while watching or testing smartphones.
Take care of the company’s image in a comprehensive way and not only show your customers
confidence, but also follow the current trends in the exhibition. An increasingly popular solution
is radical minimalism, according to which in an almost empty store there are only a few products
with subtle, yet effective security features.

Gentle protection of the tablet exposure

Due to the larger size compared to smartphones, it is easier to hide the exposure protection under
the tablet screen. However, this does not mean that you can give up the minimalist aesthetics in
this case. On the contrary, it is worth ensuring that the furnishings of the entire store constitute a
coherent, elegant and modern whole. We recommend, among others, STANDALONE 45, which
ensures a perfect presentation in horizontal planes. Check what other shop anti-theft security
features you can find in the Optiguard Technology offer to adjust the showroom to the current
trends in design!